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4 Tips For Finding The Best Booking Site

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It’s pretty common at one point or another to get the urge to book a ticket around the world and say goodbye to daily routine. We all fall into a slump at some point and ache for adventure.

Luckily, if you’re an Aussie adventurer, there are plenty of great, trustworthy accommodation booking sites and other sites to help you plan your trip.

How to Pick the Best Booking Site for Your Adventure

If you’re ready to book your adventures but just aren’t about which site to visit first, here are some top tips for choosing a booking site to fit your requirements.

  • Know what you want

Do you want to go on a massive adventure and plan your entire trip in one go? The bigger travel sites such as Travelocity and Expedia are the perfect one-stop shops where you can book your airline tickets, rental car and hotel accommodation quickly and effortlessly. These are good sites to start at and get a feel for the kinds of airfare and accommodation available. But, they may not always offer the cheapest rates. If it’s a bargain you’re after, head to sites like Kayak where you can search different booking sites at the same time. Or, if you just want rental cars, airfare or accommodation, you may save money by booking through a specialty site.

  • Ease of Use

The best types of travel booking sites are the ones that are easy to navigate and understand. When you click on the link, it should take you exactly to where it promises and not anywhere else. Also, the website should save your information as you’re searching, so that you don’t have to keep entering your travel dates each time. Some sites will even go one step further by saving your favourite places and preferred itinerary.

  • Watch Out for Hidden Fees

There are some booking sites out there that add an extra fee fee when you make a booking, or they might not include taxes in the original quote. That means you may not quite get the deal you had hoped for. Be sure to read the terms carefully before you book to see if there are any additional charges you may have to pay for.  Thanks to recent economic hardships, travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz have reduced their airline booking fees, whereas sites such as Kayak claim not to charge any booking fees whatsoever.

  • Check out the customer service

Finally, make sure the booking site stands behind its services. Read up on what they will do if you come across a cheaper rate somewhere else. There are some sites that do have price guarantees that pay back the difference should you find cheaper rates elsewhere. What will the site do if you need to cancel or change your booking? A reliable site will have its customer service contact details and cancellation policies clearly posted.

Use these four tips to find the best site for your next adventure.


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