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As most of you know by know – I am a mother to an almost 3 year old and 6 week old. The last couple of weeks have passed in a daze of sheer exhaustion between the return to night feeds and a toddler who seems to subscribe to the adage the “sleep is for the weak”. He is like a Duracell bunny, he honestly could go with no sleep for days.

Poor mammy on the other hand well….she is exhausted. Add to the mix a husband with the unique capability of sleeping through well….sleeping through practically anything!

In an attempt to pull myself to get, I have purchased a number of skin care products in the vain attempt to make me look somewhat human again and shed a number of years to hopefully make me like like a 30 something again!

First up is the Green Angel Eye Gel. Up to this point my eyes looked like a woman twice my age. The weekly shopping could find a home under them coupled with the dark circles, lets just say I was no oil painting.

3 weeks ago, I started with this product. I actually store it in the fridge which feels amazing and cooling first thing in the morning. I didn’t notice much difference for the first 2 weeks and then this week I can really see the difference. The dark circles have really diminished and the fine lines are much less noticeable.

I am honestly thrilled with this product. I love the consistency and the texture of the gel. I have, over the years tried many lotions and potions in the vain attempt to look like I stepped off the cover of Vogue but this one is a keeper. The jar is a great size and like most eye products a little does go a long way.

Another mega plus for me is that its Irish.I am a firm believer in supporting Irish where I can at all. This ticks all the boxes for me and I am hoping in another few weeks to see more improvement around my eye area. See pic below. I purchased mine in a pharmacy in Dublin City Centre, however it can be purchased on-line via

Next product up for review is the Botanics Radiance Balm…..keep following for more updates on products for mothers and for babies, in addition to mummy life blog posts.

For now I am off to try and scrape about 30 fireman Sam stickers off the wooden floor in the sitting room!!.

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