5 Great Tips for Successful Wedding Planning

Once you’ve found the love of your life, become engaged, and set the wedding date, there is a whole load of planning and preparation needed to be done before you can even think of walking down the aisle. From finding the right venue, to inviting the guests, sorting out the catering, and choosing the dress, you need to factor in plenty of time to get everything organised and ensure your day runs smoothly.

To avoid any panicking and stress, here are some useful tips on how to plan the wedding day of your dreams.

Work Out Your Budget

Whether you’re planning a small affair or throwing every last penny at your wedding day, it’s vital you work out your wedding budget from the beginning. Knowing your finances inside out will mean you know how much money to put aside for the big day, and avoid you getting into debt. Tracking your income and outgoings will give you a better idea of how much you can realistically afford for your big day. There’s no point going overboard with your splurging if you haven’t got the funds in place. While lots of us would love an extravagant do, if you’re just making ends meet, it’s time to reassess your finances.

Sort the Guest List


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One of the biggest issues of a wedding is who to invite and who not to invite to the big day. Of course, you’ll want your nearest and dearest by your side, but it can be hard to find a cut off point. If you’re on a tight budget, you may not be able to invite every auntie, uncle, and friend on both sides, so make sure you get your guest list in order well in advance. You’ll need to have open and honest conversations with your partner, so you both have the people you love with you when tying the knot. Once you’ve decided on a list of people you want to come, you can begin planning your catering and seating arrangements. If you want your stationery to look high quality, consider using a customisation service to make all your invitations and other stuff you want your guests to have. A popular option once you’ve got the details worked out is to customise Loom Wedding Menus and send them out to your guests, so that they can decide what they’d like to eat ahead of the special day.

Find Suitable Venues

Once you’ve sorted your guest list, it’s time to move on to booking the venue. Whether you want to keep things traditional and get married in a church, tie the knot in the town hall, or venture overseas for your wedding, there may be some compromising involved to keep you and your partner happy. After you’ve chosen where you want to say your vows, you need to select a wedding reception venue for you and your guests. To make things easier, you should establish your wedding theme first.  

Arrange Transport

After deciding on your wedding venue, you need to sort out how you’re going to rock up to your big day. You may like the idea of hiring a jaguar from englishweddingcars.com or pushing the boat out and arriving in a helicopter! The possibilities are truly endless. Also, factor in how your guests are going to arrive from A to B. It may be wise to hire a coach to ferry your loved ones around.

Ask for Help

Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful. Instead of taking it all upon yourself, why not ask for some outside help? You can hire a wedding planner to assist you or reach out to friends and family who can give you inspiration and ideas.

Many of us dream about how our big day is going to look from an early age. Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, so to ensure that happens, the guide above can help you get organised and in control from the start.


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