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A Brief Look at the Future of Solar Energy, Explained Simply

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A recent government energy study reported that jobs in the solar industry increased by 167% in the last decade. With growth five times more than all other sectors of the economy, the future of solar energy seems secure. Considering recent global events, it’s no surprise the future of solar and wind energy is a hot topic of discussion.

Technology plays a critical role in the future outlook of solar energy. If you wonder about the future potential for solar energy in the coming decades, keep reading. Here is a brief overview of how solar energy is changing our lives.

The Future of Solar Energy Production

Estimates indicate the United States can produce 40% of the country’s supply of electricity by 2035. Solar energy can supply 45% of America’s electrical energy within twenty-five years. 

Yet, the critical factor of this growth is the positive effects on the environment and the economy. By achieving this goal by 2050, the United States will have reduced its carbon footprint by about 50 %. Continual growth in solar energy will also add 1.5 million new jobs to the economy.

Future uses of solar energy will also significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuel imports. Combined with wind power growth, more than 3 million jobs will get created for American workers.

The Future of Solar Energy Technology

Rapid expansion in solar technology has reduced costs to consumers. New materials are getting sourced to make lighter and more efficient solar panels. Today, what we think of as traditional solar panels will be replaced in the following decades by thinner panels that integrate into the environment.

For example, the development of solar roof tiles will look and act like traditional roof materials. But the tiles will extract the sun’s rays to produce solar energy.

The invisible solar panel is the next generation of the future of solar energy. What once might have seemed like science fiction is now reality where windows will get manufactured to absorb the sun’s power. 

Solar paint is another material getting tested for future uses of solar energy. In time, experts expect to build cities where every material is a source of solar energy. 

Another term you will hear associated with advances in manufacturing is the term “prepreg” which essentially means that the  it is a composite material that is “pre-impregnated” with resins and then cured.   Advances in manufacturing process have meant that prepreg materials from someone like this prepreg supplier can help lower production costs and increase durability in the finished product

The immediate future has new solar panels going on the market regularly.  Visit Blue Raven Solar to get more information on the future of solar panels. You will also find out how cost-effective the future of solar energy has become.

The Future of Solar Energy Moves Quickly

The solar industry has grown to be the largest employer of any energy industry field in the past five years. Yet, while solar energy prices fell 165% in its first forty years, there’s much room for further improvement.

Imagining a world where the future of solar energy is a top priority is becoming less challenging. With a continued commitment to developing new sources for solar power, our collective future seems brighter than ever. 

If you found this article on the future of solar energy illuminating, visit again soon for more valuable insights.

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