Adding White Wine to Your Next Family Meal

If you’re a fan of white wine, you’re in luck. White wine is one of those delicious drinks that can easily accompany a wide variety of meals. If you’re looking for some simple pairing ideas on how you can add white wine easily to your next family gathering, you’ve arrived at the right place.

With these simple tips and meal ideas, your meal will match perfectly with your glass of delicious white wine.

What food is good with white wine?

It’s important to understand that not all food is going to taste good with white wine. If you’re looking for the perfect pairing, you need to have these food items in consideration or on the menu:

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Lobster
  • Cheeses

And those are just a few. Luckily, white wine can be pretty versatile so you’re not going to have to overly worry about what you’re serving.  My current top white variety has to be  Pinot Grigio and if I was to go as far as a brand it would have to be the Maturum Pinot Blanc 2017 | Alto Adige DOC | Gold Medal.  It is both elegant and refreshing, made in the German dry style “Weissburgunder” from Pinot Bianco grapes. The 2017 vintage has overwhelming aromas of pear, guava, melon, ginger and honey, with subtle undertones of biscuit. According to my research, it is made in the Alto Adige DOC, one of Italy’s highest altitude wine regions, by famous Swiss-Italian winemaking family K. Martini & Sohn. A truly delightful tipple, it’s been awarded with the prestigious Decanter gold medal.

What snacks pair well with Pinot Grigio?

If you enjoy a nice Pinot Grigio because of the mild flavor and taste, pairing it up with snacks is always a good idea. You can easily enjoy this wine with hummus and fruit and it makes for the perfect sipper for great conversation and good company.

What fruit goes well with white wine?

You can’t go wrong with berries or apples when it comes to enjoying fruit and white wine. There’s just something about the combination of the tastes and flavors that have them fitting together perfectly.

Adding White Wine to Your Next Family Meal

White wine is typically a favourite for many but there are some things to know when it comes to serving white wine. Personally when sourcing wines for special occasions we like to shop from specialist online retailers such as Independent Wine.

Should white wine be chilled?

This is literally the most asked question about white wine. People tend to get confused about whether or not white wine should be chilled or not. And the short answer is yes. White wine should be chilled to bring out the best flavor but make certain that you’re not getting it too cold.

If you get it too cold, it will actually lose a bit of its taste and flavor, and who wants that to happen? (but don’t worry – if it does happen it’s still fine to drink!)

How long should white wine be chilled?

To get white wine to the perfect temp, chill the bottle of white wine in the fridge for about 2 hours before serving. And if you have someone randomly just show up at your house and you want to serve white wine but it’s not chilled, you can pop it in the freezer for just about 20 minutes to get it chilled fast.

Either option is great for getting your bottle of white wine cooled down without crossing over and getting it too cold to enjoy.

Now that you know a bit about white wine, you can easily add it to your next family meal. Just have a couple of different bottles of white wine for your family and let their taste buds do the talking for them. We usually purchase a selection from a wine website that delivers next day

When it comes to white wine, what is your favourite kind to drink?


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