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Team Umizoomi App – “zoom into numbers”

teamumizoomiThe big man loves this show. Its a firm Favourite on Netflix therefore I was delighted to see there was fun educational app to go with it.  This App has passed many long cross country car journeys for us.  Its really user friendly and continues the theme of the show – Milly, Gio and Bot use their Math powers to solve games around Umi city. As you solve the games,  new games unlock. The app teaches basic number concepts from addition, subtraction to number ordering.  The blurb states its for ages 5+ however my nearly 4 year old seems to be managing ok. From memory this App cost around €5. Money well spent in my book, it has got lots of use in our house plus its educational value cant be faulted for pre-schoolers.

Aquafresh – Make brushing fun

I received some press information about this one and thought i’d have a look. Its a free to download app.  In our house no matter what I do, the big man thinks brushing his teeth is such a core! I showed him the app, more specifically Captain Aquafresh dancing and he roared laughing.  The song (and the dancing!) is very catchy.

It’s a brilliant idea to get the kids interested in brushing. You can unlock more features the more you use it, this part has my son hooked! Tonight we unlocked a new dance which he was pretty impressed with. In our house its been surprisingly difficult to keep the kids brushing for the recommended two minutes however since Captain Aquafresh has joined the routine this isn’t the case.  They are enjoying the catchy tune and love unlocking the new features. This App gets a big thumbs up from the Mamma Fairy house.


This is a jam packed app, with over 200 songs, over 300 games all including tonnes of interactive features.  kidlolandThis is THE holiday app. You don’t need Wifi or parental controls like you would do with YouTube. From nursery rhymes to puzzles there really is something to entertain your toddler. We have been trialling it for the last number of weeks and we have barely made a dent in the huge variety that comes with it. We were lucky enough to receive a years subscription (approx €30)  and I can tell already this well be one of those “well loved” apps.  Both the 1 year old and the 3 year old have enjoyed playing with different parts of it.  The one year old loves the songs, the great thing is they are also interactive which keeps him interested. The 3 year old loves the games and the colouring. Both are educational, teaching a variety of skills such as fine motor skills and problem solving. Its well worth the yearly subscription in my view.  I understand the App itself will be continuously updated with new content.


Note: Of the above Apps I received a subscription to Kidloland, however all opinion are my own or the boys where relevant.

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