Exploring Moral Values with Your Child

Morals help children to understand the difference between right and wrong behaviour, which is why it is so important for parents to role model honesty, kindness, good manners and respect. 

Exploring morality will also help children to understand how to treat other people and allow them to develop key social and communication skills for their future.

To help you explore moral values with your child, here are some great tips from an independent girl’s school in Buckinghamshire

Setting a good example

Children learn from their parents, which is why it is so important to be a good role model.  Show kindness to others, be aware of how you talk to people and always demonstrate good manners for your child to replicate. 

Listening to others


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Teach your child to be polite and explain the importance of listening to others, especially when they are speaking. This is particularly important in the classroom. Help your child to understand that it is respectful to listen to their teacher and follow their instructions.

Showing kindness

Teach your children to always be kind and to value other people’s ideas and opinions. Encourage the idea of treating others as they wish to be treated and helping those in need.

Acknowledging mistakes

Give your child space to work things out alone. Disputes with friends are common at school and learning how to resolve these issues is an important life-skill. Furthermore, if you make a mistake or have a disagreement with your child, be sure to apologise. This will show that you value and respect their thoughts and feelings. By apologising to your child you will also be teaching them how to treat others and how to accept responsibility.

Valuing school

Finally, try to encourage your children to value their own learning and success. They can demonstrate this by being on time to school, working to the best of their ability, completing homework and being polite to their teachers. If your child’s school has a list of core values, it can be helpful to read this together with your child.

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