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Why Choosing a Cheap Dentist in Battersea may not be the Best Idea

When looking for a new dentist in Battersea, do you choose the cheaper dentist or the best dentist to look after the oral health of you and your family? Well, the choice is yours, but remember that going for the cheaper option may not be in your best interests in the long run. Especially when it comes to the health care of your loved ones.
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Good quality dental care in the Battersea area is pretty much assured by most qualified dental practices in the region. However, due to many dentist being put under even more pressure to meet the demands of a busy dental surgery practice, and to accommodate as many patients and they can every day to reduce waiting lists, sometimes you may be worried that they will perform dental procedures faster than they normally should.

Obviously, dentists will never want to compromise a patients dental health, but when they feel they have to rush treatments to catch up with their tightly scheduled appointments, you do wonder if they have taken enough time and care to make sure treatments are absolutely perfect. This can mean a patient going away after having a filling done for example, but still feeling that there are rough edges that haven’t been properly smoothed down. This may even cause some tongue or inner cheek soreness or irritation that would need a further appointment with the dentist to have remedied. Not good for an already busy dental practice to have to book in, and not good for your purse or wallet either!


Choosing the best dentists

Having high quality dental procedures done properly do take time. Quite often a dental practice will allocate you a one-hour slot with your dentist for a treatment that would normally only take one hour to complete. However, we all know that things may not go as smoothly to plan as you want. What if the patient has some anxiety issues? They may need to stop for regular breaks that can extend their one-hour session by 30 minutes or more. This means that everyone else following that patient will have their appointments delayed by at least 30 minutes unless the dentist manages to catch up some time by cutting other appointments a little short.

Ideally you will want to book your important dental procedures with a dentist that will allow a bit of extra time. This means they will be a bit more flexible and will have the time available to dedicate to giving you a complete and thorough treatment that is finished off perfectly with no rushing involved. Sounds good yes, but this will obviously come at a price. You may have to pay a little bit more to have a service like this, but doing this will not only give you a much better quality of treatment, it can also save you time, money and distress by not having to return again at a later date to have something corrected or repaired.

It is not only the time factor that is important when choosing a dentist in Battersea. There are other consideration to take on board that will make it worth your while going with a better dentist rather than a cheap one. These factors include:

  • Using state-of-the art dental equipment with the latest advances in treatments
  • Having highly trained dental assistants that receive regular updated training
  • Awards and accolades from the dental community and dental associations
  • Years of experience as well as up-to-date training in modern dentistry methods
  • Good reputation in the community with loyal, regular patients
  • Good social profile of the dental surgery with positive feedback from patients

So in conclusion, it is wise not to go with the cheapest dentist option in Battersea. Do some background research and choose the one that offers their patients the best all-round service, regardless of the price. You could actually save money and receive a much better service in the long run.

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