How to Go the Extra Mile with Your Business

If you want to stand out in the business crowd you need to impress and if you want to impress, you need to go the extra mile…

Personalized Wrapping Paper – Wrap It Like It’s Hot


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Anyone can stick a product in a brown box and call it a day, but imagine your customer’s delight when they receive their purchase wrapped in personalized wrapping paper. It will make for asuperior unwrapping experience, right? It will get them excited even before they get to the product inside. It will make your stuff seem special and stand out. The unboxing videos will slap, right?

‘Thank You’ Goes a Long Way – No, Really

If you run a business, you really should never underestimate the power of a simple ‘thank you’. And I’m not just talking about a quick email blast. Sending a handwritten note to your customers, or maybe a personalised email, will show them how much you value them and make your customer service stand out from the crowd. It will help you build a connection that will endure.

Loyalty Perks – Because Who Doesn’t Love a Freebie?

If your customers keep coming back for more, then you are going to want to reward them for their loyalty if you don’t want to lose them. Treat them like the VIPs they re with discounts, early access passes and even the chance to test your new stuff, and they will love you for it and you will stand out from the crowd.

Feedback is Your Friend – Listen Like Your Business Depends on It

Because, well, it does. Encourage your customers to give feedback and actually listen to what they have to say with an open mind and the will to make changes if your customers want them. It will show them you care and you think they matter.

Surprise and Delight – Unleash the Unexpected

Everyone loves a good surprise, right? It could be a random upgrade, a free product sample, or a special discount code on their birthday. These little unexpected perks can turn a regular customer experience into an extraordinary one. Plus, surprises create great stories that customers love to share.

Community Engagement – Get Involved

Get involved in local events or support a community project. Why? Because it shows you care about more than just profits; you care about people. Plus, it’s a feel-good factor that goes beyond the balance sheet, and makes you feel like you matter too.

Stay Ahead of the Curve – Be the Trendsetter

Finally, keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. Be the first to adopt new technologies, jump on emerging trends, or offer the latest products. It shows your customers that you’re forward-thinking and not afraid to take risks. Be the leader, not the follower.

Going the extra mile with your business may involve an extra step or two, but it is totally worth it when you can delight your customers and build a stronger business as a result, right?

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