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How we used glass as a feature

Our renovation project is well documented on the blog however one of the surprising features that attracts a lot of attention when people come to visit, is our glass feature panes above the doors in the bedrooms. When we first bought the house, I couldn’t wait to get rid of them. They were above each door upstairs apart from the bathroom. At the time I did some research on their purpose and I was intrigued!

They are actually known as “borrowed lights” and are used to let light in particularly for children’s rooms. However going back even further the thinking on them was that they are Georgian features used to let daylight into internal domestic spaces thereby saving on expensive candles for candlelight. Really fascinating.  Having debated at length about whether we keep or cover them up, my husband (who did most of the work!) was an ardent supporter of keeping them and turning them into a feature in the house. I caved in and they were kept.

Glass as a feature

Glass was one of those things that I hadn’t thought of using as a feature internally. However I was shocked by the various offering of places like Express Toughening.  There is everything from decorative glass to toughened glass to fire rated glass. I just love the look of both stained glass and what is known as satin glass. It is lovely to look at yet practical, durable and low maintenance. We also used in our newly constructed en-suite. Keeping with a clean minimalist look, I loved the look of a frosted stain glass shower door going  from floor to ceiling. It was just perfect for making the most of the space we had to work with.

Other ideas where glass makes a great feature include:

  • Splash backs
  • Stair balustrades ( I love love love this look)

    glass wall

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Light features
  • Shower doors/ enclosures
  • Outdoor garden features
  • Table top – crackled glass look, also makes a nice splash back or counter top
  • Cladding on internal wall – creating cool clean looks
  • Press doors either kitchen or bathroom or easy wipe down for playrooms

My advice having been through this process is to buy from reputable sources and use qualified, insured trades/companies as given the material you want to make sure it is firstly the correct material for the particular project and secondly its fitted and secured as intended.

I recently came across Emma’s blog post where she suggests using glass to create an art deco vibe which just shows it versatility for use in the home for both functionality and design.

Note: This is a collaborative post


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