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Living Amongst Home Renovation Without Stress

When we renovate parts of our home, or even commit to large projects such as a home extension, it may not be feasible for you to move to a hotel room or live somewhere else for the duration of that work. Thankfully, unless you’re committing to a multi-room renovation, renovating all critical rooms, or demolishing the entire house to start again (which tends to be a bit more than a standard renovation effort), it usually is possible to live among this work without too much hassle. 

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Lessening our stress while this work goes on, however, may be considered another art form all by itself. In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures you can use for keeping your day to day life calm and relaxed despite all the work going on around you, particularly if you have children or a relatively small household to host you.

While dealing with stress is important, of course, keeping ourselves safe at this time is the most essential aspect to consider. For that reason, we will also prioritize our advice in that direction:

Find A Good Way To Dispose Of Debris/Trash

Home renovations tend to accumulate a good amount of wastage. Knocking through floors, removing appliances, reframing cabinets, it means that all this trash has to go somewhere. Keeping this as neat as possible is essential. This is why using a skip hire service can be so worthwhile, as they not only provide you the means to store the rubbish over a few weeks, but they will take it away and dispose of it for you. This can help you avoid having piles of trash in your garden, or exposing anyone to elements that may not be safe.

Thick Dust Sheets & No-Go Areas

Renovations also tend to produce a good amount of dust and debris. Breathing this in can be harmful. This is why it’s important to make sure heavy dust sheets are placed in open door frames, and ensuring ventilation is properly established can be key, too. Thick dust sheets in this manner can make a massive difference, as can establishing no-go areas that your family is able to avoid for the time being.

Retrofit Temporary Living Standards

It may be that temporarily, you need to leave a certain room and work out a different solution elsewhere. If your dining room is being worked on, then purchasing a fold-out table you can use in another room may be key. Perhaps you might have to sleep on a fold-out bed in the living room for a week as your master room has its flooring replaced. These efforts can help you save money in the long run, without having to totally upheave your living situation for now. Planning that and agreeing these measures with the whole family can be helpful – such as if your child’s en suite bathroom needs to become the main family washroom for a week or so.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to live amongst your home renovation without stress.


Note: This is a collaborative post 

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