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Meegos – The new collectable in town??

My kids like most kids their age love collectable items. They will collect pretty much anything from cards, to pencil toppers to their latest TV favourites and everything in between.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind buying them for my kids of course they want to join in the fun at the school yard. However perhaps its the Accountant in me or something but im always searching for that added value.  I realise im fortunate enough to be sent lots of bits and pieces to review some we love some we don’t but these little guys really got my attention and thats not just because they are super adorable.

What are Meegos?

crochet dog toys

Our collection of Meegos

Meegos are crochet dogs handmade in Bangladesh (yes you read that correctly), each one is handmade. That is so impressive.  Behind these adorable pups is a co op of workers in over 200 villages creating an incredible 4,000 jobs for women.  The organisation is non profit fair trade organisation adding a superb ethical dimension to any purchase. I really love this.

The Meegos come in two sizes a 5inch Meego and a mini Meego which is 2inches.  They take five and 1.2 hours respectively to make.  When you actually hold them you can really see the quality of the workmaship.


The collection

mini crochet teddies

All the Mini Meegos to collect

The collection is made up of 6 different Meego dogs and 12 mini Meegos. The mini Meegos are blind boxed – making it fun to find which one you have got. There is an associated website – where you can find out lots more about these guys from personality traits to favourite food.  The website link is a nice touch and definitely engaged my oldest.

You can see from the picture of the box opposite all the different characters to collect. Our Meego is called Duke and we happened to get mini Meego Duke also however the Nana Fairy seems to have taken possession of him! I cant blame her, he is pretty adorable!


This current rage is quite literally just hitting the shelves and will be followed later in the year by series two featuring Wild Animals. You can purchase these little cuties in selected Sainsburys and Debenhams stores.

Note: We were sent a selection of the above to review however all opinions as always remain mine or the boys where appropriate.
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