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The Golden Rules For Amassing an Antique Watch Collection

We are collectors by nature, and millions of people around the world spend their leisure time collecting various items. Collecting can be very addictive, with many people who spend their entire life building up an impressive collection, and obviously, collections like these increase in value over time. While financial gain might not be the main goal, it is nice to know that one day, your efforts could be handsomely rewarded should you ever decide to sell the collection. It might be beermats, stamps, vinyl records, or even antique watches, and with that in mind, here is some very useful information for those who are looking to start collecting antique watches.

Love to Learn

If you have decided that beautiful antique watch your partner bought you for your birthday is the start of a new passion, it makes sense to learn what you can about these precision made timepieces, and the Internet is the perfect platform for doing just that, with many websites that are dedicated to providing information about all aspects of antique watches.  It is also worth bearing in mind that collecting antiques watches may require some upkeep and maintenance and therefore it is important to know where to purchase a suitable watchmaker tool  if you do in fact need one.   If you would like to browse an extensive collection of antique watches, check out, where you can find many fine examples of antique and vintage watches. The knowledge you gain will prove invaluable as time goes by, and if you are passionate about antique watches, you will naturally want to learn as much about the hobby as possible.

Define Your Focus

Antique watches are a very wide scope, and most collectors will focus on one manufacturer, or type of watch, such as fob, pocket, or wristwatch, and by defining your collection at the very outset, you are eliminating the need to look at anything else. There are many different categories of antique watches, so you need to spend some time deciding which category you will target which will get you started on a firm path.

Go With Your Emotions

Let’s be perfectly honest about this, antique watches are not cheap, and whatever items you acquire will be with you for most of your life, and for this reason, you should only invest in watches that take your fancy. There’s little point in collecting for the sake of numbers, so make sure your collection is filled with quality timepieces that strike a chord with you.

Buy The Best You Can Afford

Whenever you are in a position to add to your collection, always try to purchase something in the upper price range, and never forget that a high-priced item is likely to increase in value more than a cheaper model. Be patient when searching, and by using an online jeweller, you have access to a larger collection, and if you strike up a relationship with one, you can ask them to search for specific items on your behalf. A jeweller is much more likely to find a specific make and model than any collector, and with their help, you will always be happy with your next purchase.


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