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Things to check for when buying a home

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Are you thinking about buying your property? Congratulations, buying a home is a challenge and something you should be very proud of. It can take many years to save up a deposit to buy a property, even longer if it’s your second or third as greater deposits are needed. When making such a huge decision it is so important to spend the time doing your research and not just on the property and area itself but also on what is involved in the process from the legal to the financial side, there is a lot of great information available on line to help in this regard, websites like McArthur Homes can prove a useful starting point. 

When viewing a property, there are a number of things you want to consider before committing to buying. What home appliances does it come with? – Are you going to need to buy any when moving in? What is the condition of the gutter? –  Is it working properly or will you need to get a company like Gutter Boy Cleaning in? What is the age of the house and more? 

There are so many questions to answer, which is why it’s always worth getting a survey done so that a professional can inspect the property and check for anything that you may miss. As an expert, there are probably many things they will check that you wouldn’t. 

Below are a few things for you to consider checking when buying a home. 

What home appliances does it come with? 

An important question to ask is what home appliance your potential home comes with. Will it come with a washing machine? A dishwasher and tumble dryer? Does the oven work as well as the microwave etc? It’s important to find these things out as they could save you money in the long run. If it’s a new build you are looking at, then chances are it will include the most important appliances and they will be relatively new. If it’s an older property, then you may be required to provide these yourself – and they can be costly and should be included within your budget – If you are having to buy a lot of appliances, make sure they fit with the interiors of your new home. 

How Old Is The Property? 

The age of the property is another important thing to check when buying a home. It’s fairly simple to understand why, the older the property, the more likely it is that you will have to do some work on it when you buy it or in the long run. If the property is new, then it may be covered by the people who built it for a number of years. A lot of new builds will be insured for around 5-10 years, however, you would need to check this. Older properties are also more likely to be more expensive to fix if there is something that, unfortunately, goes wrong with it. This is because the way we built properties in the past has changed, meaning more work will have to be done to bring it to modern-day standards. 

Check the Location 

Are you new to the area or have you been living in the same location but in a different home? The location of your property is very important to check before committing to buying – especially if you are new to the area. Have you checked what schools are around? What activities can you do that are easy to get to? What is the local town like? What is the crime rate like? Is it safe to walk around the neighborhood when it gets dark? These are all things you want to research in order to be sure you are happy with the location of your potential home. 

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