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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Service Your Heating

When you’re enjoying a hot summer, your home’s heating may be the last thing on your mind, especially when it comes to home maintenance. You may be desperately trying to keep cool rather than thinking about checking on your boiler or servicing your heating. 

Nevertheless, here’s a guide as to why summer is actually the best time to be thinking about your heating. 

You’ll Want it Ready for Winter

The last thing you’d want is to have to try to fix or service your heating precisely when you need it. So if you end up leaving your heating servicing until the cold winter months hit, you’re making it more of a risk that something might go wrong when your home is suffering in the cold. 

To avoid any risks of a freezing home, or boiler problems, servicing your system in the summer means it’s ready and working for when you need it the most. 

It Will Have Been Switched Off for a While 


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If the last time you used your boiler was last winter, and your heating system has remained unused up until the summer, your boiler will have been switched off after a period of hard work and high activity. It’s, therefore, the perfect time during the summer to have everything checked after its previous usage to make sure it’s all looking good for its next big switch on.

You Won’t Have to Contend with Long Wait Times 

Winter is naturally going to be synonymous with plenty of people making emergency calls for their heating systems or boiler replacements during the peak of winter. If you have your heating services completed in summer instead, it’s more likely you won’t have to wait long, and that services like gjsplumbingandheating.co.uk will have more flexibility in coming out for a callout.

You’ll Have More Time During the Summer

Most people will have time booked off during the summer and have more flexibility in terms of free days. This means it is the perfect time to book a heating service instead of the winter months when you might be back at work and busy after the summer holidays

You’ll Feel More at Ease

You don’t want to have to worry about the worst happening when you need to use your boiler again, and you certainly don’t want all your summer to be spent wondering whether your heating system will actually work when you next need it. 

Therefore, for peace of mind, you can arrange a simple heating service to have everything checked and be able to rest easily knowing it’s all going to be in working order when you next need it.

Key Takeaway 

There are many benefits to having your heating serviced in summer, even if you don’t need to use your heating during the hotter months. Take advantage of a more flexible schedule, peace of mind, and good preparation for the winter months by being proactive and having your heating serviced in the middle of summer instead.

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