Autumn 2019 Fashion Trends

It’s official, autumn is here! The days are shorter and the air is cooler, so it’s time to switch up your wardrobe. There are lots of exciting things that come along with autumn, and this includes getting to crack out your autumn wardrobe from the year before, as well as discover some of the latest trends. I’ve teamed up with Alterations Boutique, experts in wedding dress alterations, to give you a run down on some autumn 2019 fashion trends. They also offer a range of clothing alterations and repairs! Keep reading for some of the top autumn trends of 2019. 

Pointed Toes

Whether it’s a boot, a dolly shoe, or a stiletto heel, pointed toes are in! Pointed toe shoes give you a feeling of elegance, giving any outfit a sophisticated vibe. Pointed boots are a great way to keep yourself wrapped up warm while still sticking with the current fashion trends. Although pointed toes are a consistent trend, I have noticed more and more variations popping up on the high street! A pointed toe can really take an average shoe and make it look like you have made a bigger effort than you actually did – the best type of shoe. 


The A/W19 runway was filled with florals. Although florals tend to be in all year round, they appear to be making a big impact this season. Autumn will see more dark coloured flowers coming into the mix, rather than the brighter colours you see in spring and summer. It makes for a fantastic way to incorporate a pattern into your outfit without it feeling too out of season! Whether it is rocking an entire floral look, or just featuring it on one piece of your outfit, definitely give florals a go this season.


One of the strongest outerwear silhouettes we have seen making an impact on the runways was the cape. Cape’s are a fashion forward, sophisticated, and fun way to add to your outfit. Whether it’s structured and formal, or casual and floaty, capes can be incorporated into your outfit in various ways. These come in some gorgeous autumn colours, such as burgundy and dark brown, to give you the full seasonal feeling. They also add some warmth, which is obviously necessary as the weather changes. Fashion is important, but so is keeping yourself warm!


One style I have noticed coming in  this autumn is keeping things structured. Shoulder pads and sharp edges are in, contrasting to the slouchy silhouettes you may typically see as we begin to wrap up warmer. Having a structured outfit can be as simple as belting a blazer, so it is tight at the waist and shows of your shape. This works even better if there are shoulder pads involved, creating a womanly figure. Structuring doesn’t stop at clothing – you can also get a range of bags that have a similar structured style. 

What items have you noticed popping up so far this season? Let me know in the comments below!


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