Brilliant Buys To Keep The Kids Happy This Summer

The summer holidays are heading into the last few weeks and if you’ve managed to keep boredom at bay so far, you deserve a medal! If you’ve heard rumblings or you’re looking for new ideas, here are a few brilliant buys to keep the kids happy for the last few weeks.

Embracing Pokemon Go

pokemon_go_logoIf you’ve got older kids, the likelihood is that they’re tearing around searching for Pokemon. The new version of the retro classic has captivated kids all over the world. The good news is that there’s some great merchandise around. If you’re embracing the trend as a family, search online for Pokemon Go gear. You’ll find everything from caps to backpacks.

(Image source www.pokemongo.com)

Getting out and aboutairfield

It’s been a mixed summer so far in terms of the weather. But we’ve been lucky to enjoy a few days of sunshine and some warm evenings. The summer holidays offer a perfect excuse to get out into the garden and spend time together as a family. The range of outdoor toys is increasing year on year.  Invest in a modular climbing frame, which you can add to in the future. Buy some garden games like cricket, tennis or badminton. Have a look at sandpits and water trays for little ones. Go for aqua slides or water guns for older children, if your kids are like men water play provides hours of entertainment.

Finding Dory

The latest Pixar release has got everybody talking. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already been pestered to book cinema tickets. If your kids are fans of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, use this to encourage creativity. You can buy all kinds of crafts and art supplies adorned with their favourite characters. Look out for complete sets if you’re in need of an art cupboard clear out.

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrolpawpatrol is one of the most popular children’s TV programmes at the moment. If it’s a big hit in your home, try and channel your kids’ enthusiasm and create role play scenarios. You can buy fire engines, helicopters, and trucks. Encourage your kids to take on the roles of their favourite characters and have fun as a family. There are also lots of associated games you buy.  The big man got a brillant Paw Patrol board game for his 4th birthday.


Small world toys

Miniatures are big business in the toy industry this year. This type of toy is all about giving children a chance to act out real life scenarios. Small world toys give kids an appreciation of the world around them and encourage them to be imaginative. Playing together can improve their social and communication skills. Popular buys include Lego and miniature Disney Princesses and their pets. The beauty of ranges like Lego is that you can add to your collection over the course of time. There are also themes, which appeal to kids with a broad range of interests. You can buy everything from princesses in castles to mad scientists and dinosaur hunters.

The summer holidays are long (for parents maybe not so much for kids!), and even the most inventive parents may struggle to keep their brood entertained throughout. If you’re looking for inspiration for new toys, games, or treats, look no further. Hopefully, you’ve got weeks of family fun ahead!




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